Managed Print Services

WBM has developed a healthcare centric managed print solution that focusses on providing a better patient experience through reliability, reduction in required IT resources, continuous improvement with a proven program that focusses on device compatibility and uptime with measured end-user satisfaction results.

WBM is one of Canada’s leading providers of Managed Print Services for health care, with proven business results across 7 major health authorities, spanning over 235 communities across western Canada.

These solutions have delivered millions of dollars in documented cost reductions, and are now focused on expanding the scope and impact to now include secure print solutions, volume reduction initiatives, IP based fax workflow solutions, and by supporting clinical workflows with advanced pull printing, card authentication, and custom end user profiles.

End User Computing

WBM is capable of delivering a fully managed end user computing device lifecycle from device procurement through to asset end-of-life with little or no intervention from internal IT freeing them up to support the clinical systems and crucial patient care infrastructure.

The WBM life-cycle management program is applicable across all of the Tier 1 hardware manufacturers. The focus of the program is to deliver the right device to meet the evolving needs of end-users by keeping technology current and focussing on user productivity minimizing the disruptions associated with technology management.

WBM refreshes nearly 10,000 PC’s annually throughout Western Canada with a focus on delivering a great end-user experience and providing a measured result through Net Promoter Score.

24 x 7 x 365 Service Desk Solutions

The delivery of critical patient care happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To support the effort of our frontline healthcare workers, WBM operates a 24 x 7 x 365 live answer service desk giving clinicians complete access to technical support whenever they call on it.

WBM Service Desk solutions for health are driven by a renewed focus on the end user experience, and the mission critical nature of their work. This means experience and sophistication in a knowledge base of tested and evolving standard operating procedures, and clear escalation paths. The WBM Service Desk solution for health delivers a ‘great from day one’ experience, sub 4 second wait times, an 87% average first call resolution result, and a sparkling NPS score for exception end user satisfaction.

Mobile Device Lifecycle Services

As adoption of mobile devices accelerates through the enterprise, the proliferation of these devices in healthcare has exploded, exceeding the ability of internal IT to manage it successfully. WBM Managed Mobility empowers our healthcare partners, instantly providing a cost reduction, then ongoing cost containment programs, along with 24 X 7 end user support services.

Our asset management team tracks data and cellular usage to ensure that each mobile plan is optimized for the end user, delivering significant and reported reductions in monthly expenses, and providing full visibility and cost accountability to departments and facilities. End users are able to instantly access our technology support team, and remote services are provided ranging from technical assistance, to help in locating or securing devices and providing roaming packages or bill information on demand.

The result is that our healthcare partners for WBM Managed Mobility are able to confidently utilize and expand the use of mobile solutions in the healthcare space, while still maintaining cost accountability to the constituents of the region.

Security Solutions

As we have worked to support the role that technology plays in the delivery of patient care, the critical and sensitive nature of patient data is and will always be a critical priority. Maintaining the confidentiality, information integrity, while also providing secure access to the right people and the ability to track and govern this usage has become a key success factor across all our solutions, from mobility to print.

WBM’s strategic acquisition of Calgary based Agilysis in April of 2015 means that the WBM healthcare client community now has access to one of the nation’s leading providers of enterprise security, load balancing, and architecture. Already, Agilysis was working with numerous health regions and related clients as one of the nations leading F5 architecture and implementation partners.

Today, the talent and experience of Agilysis now drives the WBM managed security practice, which includes a full range of services ranging from perimeter security to patch management. WBM provides a fully managed security solution leveraging the world’s most powerful next generation technologies.

Strategic Shared Services

Technology Procurement Services

WBM is one of Canada’s largest technology resellers, with sophisticated relationships in place with the world’s leading technology distributors, and a leading partner for the world’s top manufacturers.

WBM has negotiated special pricing, and on- demand inventory programs for some of the largest companies and Governments, in western Canada, and has the scale and the people to handle virtually any potential hardware request.

WBM is highly experienced in managing group purchasing initiatives, including volume pricing, and customized billing programs for large enterprises and health care organizations.

Technology Asset Management

Ranked as one of the world’s 40 largest managed technology service providers (MSPMENTOR501), WBM currently has over 35,000 assets being tracked as they move through their device lifecycle within client environments.

The “spreadsheets” are so over…WBM’s asset management program includes world class technologies, such as a custom built Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, with integration points into fleet monitoring services, and RMM utilities for dynamic updates and always accurate information.

As the value of these service has grown, so has our team, which now includes 9 dedicated asset management professionals, working to capture and detect any moves, adds, changes, and provide visibility and reporting through governance.

Departmental and Specialized Utility Billing Solutions

WBM’s Dynamics AX system has been custom built to ensure flexibility in supporting consolidated shared services programs, broken down by region, facility, program, or even end user, and being able to accurately provide billing, flow through statements, and third party invoicing to support shared services programs or detailed billing within a single region.

Our on staff development resources allow for the creation of custom reporting and billing solutions. Within healthcare we have learned that there can exist many different billing and tracking requirements for devices. Our team is able to provide a fully customized invoicing experience and will work closely with your finance team to make sure that workloads from printed jobs to cellular data are being recorded and costed correctly.

Remote Monitoring and Management Solutions

Fundamentally, core systems require constant care and support to ensure that components function as expected and mitigate risk of failure or downtime. At the core of the WBM monitoring and alerting services is the LabTech custom RMM utility. LabTech is a remote monitoring tool that is able to provide organizations invaluable information into their IT infrastructures – including IT infrastructure alerts and reports.

WBM is also able to provide the same level of monitoring and control for Print Devices under management, using our integrated Print Audit technology to provide automatic meter reads and toner level monitoring, or using our client tools in place such as HP Fleet Manager or Paper Cut for all of the print devices in the fleet.

Success Stories

The Saskatoon RHA formalized a technology partnership with WBM in December of 2013. At that time we began with procurement warranty break fix services for end user devices like laptops and desktops. We really saw a strong commitment from WBM to challenge us with new ideas for improvement focusing on end user satisfaction and efficiency.

Our positive experience with the WBM team gave us confidence that they could augment our existing service desk and expand to a 24 x 7 service desk for the entire region. The results of the 24 x 7 service desk at SHR have exceeded our expectations. WBM’s onboarding system was very comprehensive and detailed. As a result, the service has been a success from day one.

Kory Indzeoski
Manager, IT User Support Services
Saskatoon Health Region

We changed our procurement of IT equipment to WBM Office Systems from another local vendor in 2006. We decided to do this due to the advanced manufacturer relationships and service authorizations that WBM brought to the table. WBM also came highly recommended by our closest IT partners in Saskatchewan.

We have been pleased with the pricing that has been made available to us through the Health Consortium Group and have been utilizing WBM resources beyond our original expectations. We have been very pleased with the results thus far.

Sheranga Jayasinghe
Director of Information Technology
Sunrise Regional Health Authority

WBM is a trusted partner for technology and business solutions for myself and members of my team. I appreciate the partnership that we have developed with WBM Office Systems through key projects like Print Optimization, Secure Print and Fax over IP. Because of WBM’s unique understanding of our print environment, they were able to work directly with our IT team and our end users to deliver advanced print workflows that were tailored to the requirements of individuals within the region.

As a result of our engagement, we have been able to secure our print infrastructure, while being able to provide our end users added functionality designed to make their day to day tasks much easier. Our systems are monitored 7 days a week, 24 hours a day giving us the added peace of mind.

Trevor Derkatz
Chief Information Officer
Prairie North Regional Health Authority

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